Thursday, 11 February 2016

Maths Problem Solving Strategies.

Maths Problem Solving Strategies.

We have been getting stuck in to new learning in Maths.  Here you can see students involved in collaborative problem solving exercises.  We have been discussing and practicing different strategies for solving complex problems.  Some of the methods we have looked at already are Trial and Improvement (formerly known as Trial and Error) and Drawing a Diagram.  Some students actually made a model of one problem.
What does Problem Solving require?
  • Creative and flexible thinking
  • Discussion
  • Questioning each other
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Perseverance

Kids comments……….
What have you found out about Problem Solving?
  • It can be hard
  • You have to keep talking to each other
  • We are using Trial and Improvement and drawing a diagram and sometimes, using them both at the same time

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