Thursday, 11 February 2016

Our Changing Coastline Inquiry.

Our Changing Coastline Inquiry.

We are very excited to have begun our Inquiry with a trip to stunning Worser Bay Beach on Wednesday. This was the first activity in Tuning in to this Inquiry. (Read more about it on the blog post What’s in The Rockpool?)

This year the theme is ‘Change’.  We will begin by exploring some of the change evident in our immediate environment.  We have already been able to make strong connections to the work we did last year, using the words Flora and Fauna to describe the plant and animal life we have observed.  There is a strong science focus.  We are encouraging students to be observers, to look closely and carefully and to ‘look’ with all of our senses.  It was interesting to see that some people tried eating some of the seaweeds today.  They were ‘observing’ with their taste buds!

We will be doing some detailed ‘Finding Out’ about particular species which live in the tidal zone.  We will then move to a Scientific Investigation in which kids will be able to predict, observe, explore, test and come up with their own explanations of the phenomena which they are investigating.  This will be very ‘hands on’.

Of course this means more time at the beach!  And, because we will be there we are planning to do more sailing and kayaking, taking advantage of the brilliant weather we have been having.  More on this later.

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