Thursday, 11 February 2016

Parent Evening Workshop

Parent Evening Feedback

Thank you for the great turn out on Tuesday night.  It was very impressive considering the amazing evening and how inviting the sea looked from our view-point on the hill.

We asked, How do you see your child flourishing within the framework of our Worser Bay School Curriculum Document?  We are very excited about the document which succinctly expresses our approach to learning and the philosophy which supports the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and academic growth and achievement of our children.  Although the document has been available on the school website for some time, Tuesday’s meeting was a kind of unofficial ‘unveiling’.  

Comments and responses to the question posed are as varied as the learners the document represents.  Here are a sample of responses:
  • The key concepts are so modern and relevant-it is exciting and hopeful!
  • Our children will become aware that they are part of something ‘bigger’
  • We are ‘aiming high’
  • Students will stay engaged in their learning
  • They can express themselves
  • They feel connected to the history of Worser Bay School and the surrounds
  • Different children and their learning styles are recognised and catered for
  • Imagination and creativity is encouraged and celebrated
  • Students are thinking for themselves and are learning to be critical
  • Being taught the ‘art of learning’
  • Students are collaborating, solving problems together
  • Learning from others and passing on knowledge to others
  • Positive and genuine relationships are flourishing, connecting family, student and school
  • Modelling a healthy community and citizenship.  This can be a applied when children are introduced to wider society
  • Skills are taught which enable students to flourish beyond Worser Bay School
  • Being able to discover and learn both inside and outside the school
  • Collaboration across the school and whole school planning which gives coverage of the curriculum in a progressive manner
  • They will have the skills to connect and to work with others
  • Inquiry allows growth in core curriculum areas (students are reading, writing and doing maths while involved in their own Inquiry projects)
  • Learning is flexible and adaptable
  • Good teaching, good learning cycle
  • Having fun learning
  • There is a place for risk taking and discovering capabilities in supported environments
  • All elements of the child are equally important; the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and academic
  • Unexpected things are happening

There is a palpable sense of excitement within the Mahutonga Matariki area.  Our students are buzzing, ready for the challenges and hard work which are part and parcel of profound learning.  It is heartening to see this come together in a practical sense, kids engaged in their learning while philosophically it is encapsulated in this curriculum document.  

As we all become more familiar with it no doubt you will think of other responses.  Please share these with us as you see fit.

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