Thursday, 25 February 2016

Upcoming Events in Mahutonga Matariki

Upcoming events in Mahutonga Matariki

  • Camp is fast approaching.  We will have the activity groups and Cabin groups sorted and shared with the kids early next week.  They are very excited!
  • Our Inquiry continues with some focused activity around the coast.  We will be doing some more science at Worser Bay Beach on Wednesday and other activities.  If the weather permits we are hoping to do Sailing and Kayaking also.  The will be more on the blog on this early next week. Coincidentally this is taking place during the nationwide Sea Week so we are able to coordinate some of our learning with this much larger event.
  • Camouflage Crab

  • Island Bay Marine Centre visit.  On the 17th of March we will be heading to Island Bay for a full day of activity connected to the centre there.  Later in the year (term 4 we have scheduled some snorkelling with the assistance of Julian form the Marine Centre.  

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