Thursday, 18 February 2016

Visitors from Zealandia

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On Monday the 15th, two visitors from Zealandia came to talk to us about trapping and what pests are. They brought with them a bird house and four traps for mice and rats. The bird house was a gift to us because a group of girls, Emma S, Emma M, Josie, Betty Jo and Danielle set up a fundraiser for Zealandia. They gave a cheque to staff at Zealandia during the last week of school last year. It will be interesting to see whether the nesting box will attract any visitors? Did you know that some birds don’t make their own nests. Kaka and Ruru (Morepork) are two such species living within the Wellington area. Which of these birds is most likely to be first to set up house at Worser Bay School? What will happen if Sparrows try to move in instead? We had a really great time learning about pests, different types of birds and where they live.   

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