Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cold Porridge! Yum!

Teddy plays Bob the porridge eater in the short film, 'Yum! Cold Porridge'. He acts like a seasoned professional, a Hollywood veteran as he eyes up the bowl of porridge and then requests toast.  
He goes on to pretend that he doesn't like what he is eating! Watch his eyes screw up as he swirls the cold goo around in his mouth before he gallantly swallows.  

Such great acting Teddy! 

Zach has written about the experience; a delicious piece of writing Zach!

Cold Porridge! Yum!

Bob sat down at the table.
 He grimaced as he looked deeply into the bowl. He groaned, his face grim. He smelled it before he saw it.  
He could barely look at the mush on his plate. Slowly he raised the spoon to his mouth. His face said it all as he bit down on the the cold soggy mush.

His eyebrows tingled, he swallowed the mess.


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