Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Thinking and Behaving Like Scientists

Thinking and Behaving Like Scientists:

We had another close up look at Mussels today.  As we observed them we noticed some amazing things.
  • There shells actually have growth rings on them
  • There are whole ecosystems living on, in and around Mussels (we found Chitons, Limpets, other Mussels, Crabs and Seaweeds living on or in them)
  • We found the Mantle which is the outer part of the flesh of the Mussel.  It is the Mantle which ‘makes’ the new shell, secreting minerals to build it.
  • We noticed the Mussels smelt strong, of the sea or seaweed, very salty!
  • We noticed the difference between male and female Mussels (the females are orange and the males are white).

As we have been looking at the creatures which live in the tidal zone we are noticing how amazing, and how varied they all are.  The more you look the more you discover!

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