Wednesday, 13 April 2016

What to do in an emergency

This week we have been learning about how to help others in an emergency. People from St Johns in Schools came in and talked with us about how to keep someone safe. We learned about:
 - how to put someone in the recovery position
 - how to bandage bleeding
 - how to do CPR.
For CPR we used the letters DRS ABC to help us remember to:
 - Dangers: look for them before we help someone
 - Response: is the patient responding?
 - Send for help
 - Airway: put the head back to clear the airway so they can breathe
 - Breathing: check for 10 seconds whether they're breathing, if not do -
 - CPR: see where their armpit is and come across the chest to the middle. From here press hard (the beat should be like when you sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat). Stop if they start breathing!

Everyone really enjoyed this learning and participated fully. Look out for the certificates coming home.

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