Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Anti-bullying week - our actions

Last week we spent a lot of time engaged in thinking about anti-bullying, and did activities to help us develop a better understanding of bullying and what we could do to help others. We particularly focused on how a bystander joining forces with the bullied person can make a huge difference to bullying behaviour - helping the bullied person feel supported and making the bully think twice about their choices.

One of our activities was doing role plays of bullying in small groups and resolving the bullying within the drama. We used a freeze frame and performed our plays to our base group. We also did some action work around being rock (standing strong/kia kaha) and water (going with the flow) and some visual art work about bullying.

This week we have also been doing report writing about bullying using our knowledge from last week. We've been working on using paragraphs where we make a statement, explain our ideas and give an example. Here is some shared writing from Luca, Ollie, Nick, Alex G, Yasmin, Molly and Jessie about some things you can do if you're being bullied:

What to do ?   

There are so many ways you can stop bullying. One strategy you can use is to ask for help. Tell someone like a teacher, an adult, a friend or someone older than you. You could also ignore the bully and walk away to a group of people. You could go with the bullying, have a laugh, and they might stop bullying you.

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