Thursday, 12 May 2016

Data Squares

This is a data square. It is a way to collect and organise information. We have been using them to explore data over the week. Today we collected information about sustainability across the school. We asked 3 questions:
1. Have you used the worm farm recently? 
2. Are there any reusable or recyclable materials in your lunch box?
3. Is there any plastic rubbish in your lunch box? 

Once we had all the data we could explore organising it in different ways and make statements about what it showed. 

There was a lot of discussion, collaboration, and working together to complete this part of the task.

We created a large bar graph together to show our findings and also used what we have been learning in writing to explain it. Using the SEE (Statement  Explanation Example) structure,  we wrote up one of the things we noticed from the data. 


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