Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Visit by Major Cooper from NZDF

 In week one of this term, we did a lot of learning about ANZAC Day and World War One. This week we were fortunate to have Major Cooper and Scott Earley from the New Zealand Defence Force come in and talk to us.

Major Cooper told us what it is like to be in the army today. He explained a little of how he has spent the last 30 years in the army, rising from the rank of Private to Major. When he first joined the army he was a truck driver. He has travelled extensively with the army, within New Zealand and overseas, including to East Timor, Bamyan in Afghanistan, Australia and the Sinai Desert in Egypt.

We also talked about what ANZAC Day means to those in the armed forces, a day for remembering those who have been prepared to protect their country and possibly die for it. We learnt how the Victory Cross is awarded very rarely and that Willie Apiata was the last New Zealander to receive it since the Second World War.

We had a fun quiz to see what we remembered from the talk and what we knew about ANZAC. Thanks for coming to visit us, we'll remember this.

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