Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What does good visual communication look like?

We were really lucky to have Rebecca Wedge (Molly J's mum) and her business partner Nina Velleman (a Worser Bay alumni) come in and talk to us about being graphic designers this week. They told us a little about what they do and showed us some of their work. Lots of us were interested in being graphic designers.

They pointed out to us some of the features good visual designs should have:
 - a clear idea that works with the image
 - use clear language that is larger for the more important ideas
 - if you're working on a computer then choose a font that works with your image
 - think about how the colour represents your message and how your colours work together.

They showed us some of the work they've done for Worser Bay School and unpacked for us the disco poster.

I am a thinker
I am a thinker

I am connected

I am a thinker
We've been working on visual posters to communicate our ideas about our learner attributes (I am a thinker, I am connected, I am powerful, I am a goal setter), and also how we look after our school environment sustainably as part of our student council responsibilities. We're still finishing some of them but keep an eye around the school to see our work.

Thanks very much for coming to talk to us Rebecca and Nina, we learnt a lot from you.

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