Friday, 24 February 2017

Languages Programme

This week we have kicked off our new languages programme.  Every Friday we will be working for the middle session of the day learning either, Mandarin, French, Spanish or Maori.  Maria, Leola and Violetta’s mum will be looking after Spanish, Wanwan, Mandarin, Clotilde, Anatole and Eloi’s mum, French and John will be teaching more Maori.

We are very excited to be kicking this off as it not only celebrates some of the cultures we have within the school but goes some way to connecting us to the rest of the world including Asia.  Maori is taught and integrated in our regular programme so the Friday session is reinforcement and building on this knowledge.  

The research suggests that the benefits of language learning include increases in brain size What Happens to the Brain when Learning a New Language, but there are many others including increased understanding and acceptance of the cultures and ways of thinking of other people.  All great skills for the 21st century learner.

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