Monday, 22 September 2014

13 Storey Treehouse

We have been reading the 13 Storey Treehouse in Nicola's Literacy group:

The story was about 2 boys who write stories and they go on interesting adventures. They have a boss who has a really big nose. Each time they write another book they add 13 storeys, each storey has a different thing on it. - Meg

The story was about 2 boys who had a 13 storey treehouse. - Oto 

The story was about making sea monkeys, finding a sea monster in the sea monkey eggs and they had a giant gorilla smashing the tree. - Angelina 

Why we liked the story:

Louis - I liked it because you could understand it. And it was a really cool book because it was crazy and you didn't know what would happen next.

Meg - I liked it because you didn't know what was going to happen. I think Emma R, Milly, Molly and Josie would really enjoy it.

James - I liked it because it was interesting and fun and adventurous.

Angelina - I liked it because its awesome.

Blake - I liked it because its a good and classic book. I think my friend Milo should read it.

Takehisa - I liked it because it has lots of funny words and its not just a book it was picture book as well.

Eleanor - I liked it because I love books. My friends Kayla, Hanne and Emma C should read it.

Jasper - I liked it because its very interesting and its a really good book. I think Luca should read it.

Louise - I liked it because it describes the characters, what they do and what they have in their tree house.

Why we think other people should read it:

Rory - It's really funny and I think it's a good level for little kids. Rory thinks his cousin Mat should read it.

Oto - Its good and its exciting. I think Nahim would enjoy it.

Xander - It's a funny and because I liked the ending. I think Linnea would enjoy it.

Molly - Because it's very adventurous and fun to read, you don't know what's going to happen next. I think my brother should read it.

Sophia - Because it's a fun and wacky book.

Louise -Because it's not too hard to read and it is interesting and it doesn't take up a lot of reading time, it's quick to read. Arthur and Evie should read it!

We think everyone should read this book!!

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  1. It sounds like a great book. I think I might have a read! Nicola