Friday, 11 June 2021

Worm Farm

We have cleaned out the old worm farm on top court! We cleaned it out and put in some new bedding making it all cosy and ready for some new residents in (thanks Christine for providing some of her wormy friends). 
The start or the project!

We found a family of snails on the bottom

All cleaned out
Preparing the bedding block

Christine's worms in their new home!

We found out lot's of fun facts while setting us our new 'cute' friends. For example, it's really important you don't touch worms because the chemicals in our skin can 'burn' them! We are eager to educate our peers about this to make sure we can all get along and manage food waste together. 

Thanks Billy for creating this DOs and DON'Ts, a copy of these are in each of the spaces.

Our friends will soon be settled in enough to start feeding them. This will be another thing we can show leadership in, while using the worm 'tea' and 'poo' in our beautiful gardens.


  1. I always misunderstood worms. Now I know how to treat them.

  2. You have to make sure the soil is always moist, or the worms WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, doing the worm farm was fun

  3. I was a part of that and it was very fun! Thanks jenny for helping us make the farm :-)

    PS: The snails were cute

  4. where are the worms if it is a worm farm

  5. great work guys hope i can see the worms soon !

  6. people have been puting the wrong thing in the worm farm

  7. I hope you had a slimy time.

  8. Well that looks cool, the worms must be really cute. Great job keeping the worms safe.