Monday, 20 September 2021

Maths is all around us! Collaboration with Auroa School

Maths is EVERYWHERE! It surrounds us in nature and technology. Everyday tasks such as driving, playing sports or cooking, require us to use Maths.

Maths influences our daily lives. Galileo said, "Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe."   

In collaboration with our friends at Auroa School in Taranaki, we asked the students to put on their "Maths Eyes" and look for Maths around them. We started adding to these slides in lockdown. 

Can you answer the questions? Can you create your own Maths questions? 

The purpose of having Maths Eyes is to show that Maths is meaningful and it is not just something that we do in school. 

'Why is it important to have Maths Eyes?
  • Having maths eyes promotes the usefulness of mathematics – Everyone has maths eyes they just need to be opened. Involves individuals, parents, children, young adolescents, pensioners, teachers, tutors.
  • Having maths eyes builds confidence in mathematics.
  • Having maths eyes encourages the use of the real world as a starting point for the relevant exploration in the maths world.
  • Having maths eyes provides excellent opportunities for linking education (primary, secondary, adult) and community.
  • Having maths eyes provides a platform for adults and children to share their maths eyes in their everyday life whether they are shopping, walking, driving, at sports events – everywhere. Open a channel for dialogue about real world mathematics.
  • Maths Eyes provides parents with opportunities to talk about mathematics that are not related to homework
  • Having maths eyes promotes active citizenship and informed decision making.
  • When teachers, and tutors have maths eyes they can identify real world starting points for mathematics teaching and learning that are relevant to the social, cultural and educational context of their learners.
  • Developing maths eyes helps to create a new inheritance for future generations –‘ we are all real world maths people’
This list was directly quoted from the Maths Eyes Website:

Playing Maths games are fun!

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