Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Pizza Making

Pizza Making from Nicola Stevenson on Vimeo. Movie by Rory and Angelina


"Oh yuck" I said as I kneaded the dough, it was squishy through my fingers. Then we put the ingredients on the pizza. We put on sun dried tomatos, some pineapple, cheese, ham and black olives. Then we put it in the oven.

John  told us to come back in an hour and 10 minutes, but he didn't tell us why…

When an hour and 10 minutes had passed, Suz came and got us. John was already there. I sniffed the delicious smell of the pizza coming out of the oven. Suz asked us to go outside and after 1 minute she  came out holding the pizza in her hands. She laid it on my lap me and Janne ate like princesses. In seconds, we had finished it.

By Kaia

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  1. Fantastic descriptive writing Kaia! I can taste that pizza...