Friday, 20 March 2015

Treasure Hunt

Today we got into our new learning groups. We set goals for our co-operative task. 

Jude made this map to help us with our treasure hunt...


Treasure Hunt
On Friday 20\3\2015 Matariki and Mahutonga went on a Treasure hunt for our inquiry, ‘What is in our backyard’?

We had to find native Flora and Fauna in the school grounds and down at the beach. We were put in nine activity groups and each of the groups got given a grid map of Worser Bay, and a checklist, we had to take pictures for evidence of what we found.

We had heaps of fun finding the native Flora and Fauna.
We found Kohwai, Pohutukawa trees, Toi Toi, Huntsman’s Toilet paper, Puriri, Kawakawa, Karaka and Taupata.
The Fauna that we found was, Crabs, Jelly fish,Butterflies, Spiders, Millipedes, Stick-insects and we found lots and lots of Starfish!!
We got given a point on our map where we had to go and find our treasure, when we got there their was a bag for or group and the treasure was…. Lollies, “Mmmmm Lollies ”!

Everyone had a great time on a great day!

By Asha and Frankie

Treasure Hunt on PhotoPeach by Chanel  
Flora and fauna hunt from Matariki on Vimeo.

We added 1.3 km to our "Great Walk"

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  1. Looks so fun! Wish I was there!- Gretel