Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Gilbert- Who is in our community?

Miramar Peninsula Visitor

On Tuesday the 16th we had a 92 year old visitor come to see and talk to us about the Miramar peninsula. His name is Gilbert and he lives near our school. Gilbert moved to Miramar from Dunedin when he was 12 years old.
Gilbert was in the territorial army and went to Italy and Egypt during the Second World War. He said that it wasn’t a pleasant experience.
We all sat down and asked him questions, it was very interesting, he told us that he used to work at a factory called Shell, that was on Park Road where Weta Digital is now.

These are some of the questions we asked…..

What sports did you play?
A: Rugby, but we lost lots of our games. I wasn’t very big, so I was in division 2.

How has Miramar changed since you were a child?
A: It’s mostly the same, but the airport has changed quite a bit.

Where did you work?
A: I worked at a factory called ‘The Shell’ for all his life except for when he was training in the army for World War 2

What's your scariest memory?
A: He said that he didn’t remember anything that was scary in this area, but the World War 2 was really scary.

What is your Best memory when you were a kid?
A: There was a movie cinema where the Roxy is now and he used to go down there every Friday or Saturday afternoon. He would watch a movie, then sweep the floors after the movie and in return the owners would give him free entry for the movie.
That was  also where he met his first girlfriend.

How old are your children?
A: I have 8 children and the eldest is 69 and the youngest is about 50. They are all doing very well. One was a runner and now trains people in the USA.

By Asha and Chanel

Dear Gilbert,
Thank you for telling us about your story in New Zealand and how you came to Miramar. It was really cool when you talked about Egypt and Italy during World War One.
From Evie

Dear Gilbert,
Thank you for coming in. I enjoyed your stories about the war and Miramar. Everyone listened so well because your stories were so fantastic.
From Lucas and Hugo

Dear Gilbert,
Thank you for all your interesting facts about your life. It was  great having you here, we want to hear more about you.
We liked listening to your stories about the airport. We liked how it got us thinking about what it used to look like.
We also liked hearing about what you used to do to entertain yourself. It would be cool to get a free cinema pass.
The story about the tank in the boat was funny. You explained what happened and you hooked us in.
Thank you for your time,
Hayley and Manaia

Dear Gilbert,

Thank you for coming in today and telling us about Miramar peninsular,
It was very interesting.
I never knew that about Miramar.
What was it like living on earth when the world war was happening?
Thanks again Gilbert for coming in.
By Chanel

Dear Gilbert,
Thanks you very much for coming in and speaking to us about your past life in Miramar, it was very interesting. My Great Grandad went to war as a medical server. Thank you for answering questions, the answers were very interesting and I was very engaged.
Thanks again for coming in!

Dear Gilbert,
Your talk was very interesting.
I liked learning about Miramar's past and it gave me ideas for Miramar's future might be like. Your stories were very interesting they hooked me in and you kept the thrill going.
Thank you for coming in and talking to us,
From Jack K

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