Monday, 22 June 2015

Today's Visitor: Robert Gordon

Molly A: Today a man called Robert came in and talked to us about his radio career. He tried to get a licence to be on the radio but he failed. You need a license for getting a radio station so you don’t do anything nasty. He talked about when he started trying out for a radio station and when he stopped.

Josie & Millicent: A man called Robert came into school to talk about his radio life. He talked about what he enjoyed about it. He talked about how competitive the radio industry was. When he was at university, he started a pirate radio station. His station was soon closed down by the post office because they did not have a licence so they didn't say nasty thing about other people. They were on television once because of his station and they had to wear stockings over their heads so people didn’t know who they were.

Liv: It was so exciting! He also mentioned the fact that he wanted to play sports but didn’t because his brother was better than him and he didn’t want to show that to others. But then his brother hurt his hip and now Roberts probably better than his brother now.

Danielle: Now he is working behind a desk at a computer helping people at the Commerce Commission.

Charlie: Robert wanted to play sports, but he didn’t because his brother was better than him so he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

Takehisa: I liked the bit where he talked about Tennis and other sport stuff.

Elliot: I like the part when he talked about using American accents and he changed his voice lots.

Jack: I liked the talk about the radio stations and how they have changed over time. He was really interesting because he told good stories.

Hanne-I liked how Robert was very interested in radios and I liked how funny he was!

Khailin: I liked learning about the radio stations. And how they became so popular. Angelina: I liked learning about the radio it was very funny to listen to him talking in funny accents.It was fun hearing about radio.

Message from Robert, "This morning I went to Worser Bay school and talked to lots of children there.  The class was very welcoming and made me comfortable talking about myself and things I have done in radio. The questions the children asked were excellent! Amongst other questions, I was asked about my music preferences when I was at university, whether I played an instrument, and whether I was still kept up the friendship with the radio people I worked with. They were all great questions that help understand what the person talking to them is like and what makes them tick.

After I finished talking to them, the children clapped and sang to me wonderfully. And then, in the afternoon they published a blog article about my talk. My workmates at the Commerce Commission were most impressed!"

A big thank you to Robert for coming in to talk to us. Here is a song to say thanks...

Singing from Matariki on Vimeo.

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