Thursday, 25 June 2015

Stepping Out Dance

Chanel: Yesterday we did some dance, Dean and  Ezra came in to show us some hip hop
Then we played a game called copycat, we had to copy everything Dean was doing, it was fun and they were wearing tuxedos.

Perry: The dancing was fun!

Blake: Yesterday the seniors and juniors did some hip hop. There were two people who came in and there name’s were Dean and Ezra to be honest, I thought it was even better than the hip hop lessons that I do. When I first saw them, I thought one of them was the prime minister of another country or something like that, but when we got out there it turned out that they were just  hip hop dancers.

Lucas: I liked how we had to copy Dean and Ezra.

Frankie: Yesterday we did some dancing some people named  Dean and  Ezra came in to show us some hip hop that they made up. We played a game called copycat we had to copy everything that Dean was doing, it was fun and it was funny because they were wearing tuxedos while dancing.

TakehisaI liked the dance and copying what Dean and Ezra. Also, I enjoyed dancing really cool.   All of the dance that we did was tricky and hard to remember and dance.  I had lots of fun dancing to hip hop with Dean and Ezra because sometimes we had to dance really fast. I couldn't see the bit where Dean’s fingers were creepy. (Because I was on road patrol.)

Gretel: I really enjoyed them and I think everyone else did!

Molly A: We all made mistakes, but we just kept trying.

Louis: I had lots of fun doing the dance!

Dance weds arvo from Matariki on Vimeo.


  1. Betty: Wednesday, 24 of June 2015 in the afternoon we had an unexpected dance session, They said If we liked them they would come back next term and have a performance at the end of 10 weeks!!

  2. Charlie3: Dean’s Fingers were creepy!

  3. Khailin. I liked learning how to dance and also I liked learning about a new company.

  4. Cha Cha.T: I liked learning new dance moves we all struggled

  5. Absolutely wonderful to see the video!
    Want everyone to come to my work and teach us all bow to dance as well as you do.