Friday, 12 June 2015

Mystery Skype

Today, some of us participated in a Mystery Skype with another school. We all loved the experience and enjoyed the challenge of thinking on our feet and researching. 

Mystery Skype: Students in each class prepare a set of questions for the other class before their call. The classes try to guess each other’s location by answering the questions. Students can also use technology to find the other school's location. 

Here are some of our questions that we asked: 

Are you in New Zealand?

Are you in the South Island?
Do you live in the countryside?
Do you live close to a beach?
Are you in a big city?
Are you in the city centre?
Are you in the North?
Are you in the South?
Are you in the East?
Are you in the West?
Are you near a river?
Are you near a lake?

If in city:
Does your city have a zoo?
Has your city got a big castle?
Is your city windy?
Does your city have a big Wellington sign?
Has your city had a big earthquake?

We found out that our Mystery Skype School was Maeroa Intermediate School in Hamilton.

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