Friday, 12 June 2015

People at the Airport: Planning our own trips

The focus of our inquiry is, "who is in our community". Janne, Elliot and Gemma planned their own trip to go to the airport to interview people in the community. This is what happened...

People at the Airport               

We went to the airport to find out more about people in our community.

The Airport has a lot of people to interview, but we could only  interview three people.
  • Captain
  • Dog handler
  • Fireman

We came to the Airport with Aylot, Janne’s dad.

We saw a pilot and went upstairs with him.  He was a captain. His name was Herwyn Bongers.  We got to take photos with him and wear his hat.

Then we went to the bottom of the airport where we interviewed the boss of the dog handlers and two of his colleagues. They showed us a black, white and brown dog called Benny. They showed us how Benny finds explosives by sitting when he can smell explosives.  If he smells something he gets to play with his toy.

Then we went and saw the firemen in the gym.  The man we interviewed said it was really fun to work there.

By Janne, Elliot and Gemma

Airport Interviews from Matariki on Vimeo.

More footage to come...

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