Sunday, 7 June 2015

Personal Writing

The time I was Silly- by Frankie

Me and my friend Gretel were on the trampoline, bouncing, high in the sky. We were calling names out to people like Spongebob, Patrick, Barbie and Ken.
A couple came along walking casually down the street as if nothing was about to happen to them. We yelled at them from the trampoline, through the hedge down to the footpath. “Hey, retarded duck!” I thought they were complete strangers. They were actually my parents friends. 
They said, “That's not very nice Frankie  Frankie’s friend, girls, where are your mum and dad?
Well, I think mum is at the supermarket and dad? I am pretty sure  is in the backyard. You can go and see him.’
“Ok then. Thank you, bye” they say.  
“Bye,” we said together.
As soon as they got around the corner of the house we started to burst with laughter, it felt like we were about to pee our pants.
“I can't believe we called them a retarded duck”, Gretel said.
“I know, right? And, it was so hard to hold in that laugh”  I replied.

The Attack- By Jasper
I raced off the field for the next soccer match. Heidi, my dog was on a leash, sitting on the sideline. I was as red as cherry from all the running around.  I walked to Heidi to give her a hug. She bit me. Oww!

I walked away showing my back to her. I had a treat for her, but I did not give it to her because she bit me. She saw the treat in my hand, she was charging at me like a bull, she hit me, I crashed to the floor. She leaped on me. My eyes were bulging out and my mouth was wide open. She missed. I leaped on to her and grabbed her collar

I got a big scratch on my leg from her leaping on me with her claw reaching out.  She grazed my leg and it stung while the blood trickled down.

The next soccer match began.

                 Sleep Walking By Danielle
I was not awake when this happens. Even though it was I who did it. But my mum told me all about it.
It all starts late at night. I rise from my bed. As though summoned by some force. I slip out of bed with great ease. Soundlessly I cross the room, and slip through the crack in the door. When I reach the door to the kitchen. I wedge it open. The only sound in the house. At the moment was the, crack from the door.
Once in the kitchen. I head straight for the cupboard. To the left of the sink. Muttering constantly. ¨I need to go! I need to go!¨
My limp body shudders as my hand makes contact with the cold metal. ¨Creeaaak!¨
There`s a rustle, then… footsteps.
“Come on Honey! I`ll take you back to bed”
In the morning. When I go into the living room. My mum was relating that night's story. Then she asks me if I remembered it. When I just stare at her blankly a look of realisation spreads across her face. And she declares “You were sleepwalking.”

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