Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Who is in our backyard? Stories about our backyard...

We have been doing some finding out about the important people that have lived in our land before us. This is linked to our next inquiry, "who is in our backyard?" 

We generated questions for each of the stories...

Who was Kupe?  Where did he come from?  Who was with him?  What did he do when he was here?  Where did he live when he was here? How did he get here?  How did he get home?

Kupe Story

Maui story

Sam Hunt talks to people who live around the Cook Strait.  

Te Rauparaha:  Who was Te Rauparaha?  What is he famous for? What is his story?

Te Rangihaeata:  Who was Te Rangihaeata?  What is he famous for? What is his story?

Where was Tandy’s tavern? (the house of spirits)  What happened there?

Who was the woman who floated from Stephen’s Island to Kapiti?  How did she do this?

Taniwha story: Ngake and Whataitai

Where is Te Whanganui a Tara?  Who is Tara?
Who lived at Whetukairangi Pa?

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