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Our learning and process around the music festival

Here is Gabrielle’s base group’s thoughts on the process we went through to produce our piece in the music festival, and our reflections on how it went.
Preparation      BY  Elliot and Jessie
Learning about music
We had 10 weeks with andreas . He gave us lots of tips, so that gave us a head start.  When we were working on making our performance shine, he was helping our main drummer alastair and alastair got teached at by him in slots of school time because he was in the parade for the music  festival aka  going out with the little kids into the courtyard.

We basically  had  learning about music school   which was fun.

  1.    we learnt about the ear and how it hears sound with Gabrielle
  2. We drew to the sound of music with Hamish
  3. And wrote and composed music with John            

Step 1. First we listened to lots of different types of music to understand how to compose a piece of music. We listened to the beat and how the layers of music were composed and how all the music flowed.

Step 2. Then we brainstormed some emotions that we could use to explain a story. Soon we all agreed on some emotions.

Step 3. Then we had to write some stories on how the performance will work and then we had to do a vote on whose was the best and then we all decided on one!

By Emma, Lucie and Alba

Process of music festival (How music works)    

At the start of term 3, every student knew that the theme was music. Gabrielle's base group started off with visiting, Hamish.  Hamish taught us about the many parts of music, for example: Tempo, Rhythm, crescendo, decrescendo. That is not all of them, But you probably get the Idea.

Hamish got us to listen to about five songs, focusing on the tempo. Finally we listened to the last song twice and drew what we thought  it was like.  To me it was like when humans invaded the earth.

We actually went to hamish’s base group twice. The second time we got into groups and made a music peace.(we only had about 10m) It was interesting how the other groups had made their pieces.

With John: John’s theme was layering and melody made us think of catchy tunes.(They were actually a little bit annoying) He said “do not use any vowels,” after that we needed to go down to bottom cout. We got into groups and thought of silly words to use in catchy tunes, then we layered them. We shared them to all the groups and had time for something else.  So he gave us the poem he loves, I think it’s called the ning, nang, nong.

Got into new groups and made a little song me and peters group went like this:

Little man, little man, little man, little man to the shop. Woooo ooooo oooo oooo  ooo oooo.
Medium man, medium man, medium man to the shop. Woooo ooooo oooo oooo  ooo oooo.
Big man, big man, big man, big man to the shop. Woooo ooooo oooo oooo  ooo oooo.

Cool right! And that’s how we learnt how music works.

By peter and Rico.

The Process
For the music festival:
We had to listen to different types of music and see what emotion you felt, we wrote it down in our books.

We went to the mat and voted on a theme, we chose dream and space.

We wrote a story to follow.We chose caitlin's  story, her story was: A person dreamed of going to space, and found a G.P.S it led it to the edge of outer space.They found teleporter and a time machine, they were going towards the teleporter when the G.P.S drove them to the time machine, they went back to when the first person whent to the moon, they were the first on the moon.

We got into small groups like the lyrics group.
We focused  on one emotion and composed a piece with a type of emotion.

By Louise, Evie and Milla

The performance.

We performed on tuesday and wednesday seven five minutes performance´s.Every single performance was fun.It was hard to not  make mistakes but we had to make sacrifise’s. Every body had jobs and we had rely on each other.    

By Theo, Nick and Chester

Reflection for the music festival.

I think we did well with: composing music, decorating, dancing, making the poem and making the costumes.

We have to work on: keeping in time, getting ready on time before the bell rings, staying quiet while someone else is playing.

By Sylvie and Caitlynn.
* The music festival performance *

  • How we got to make our own music in our own way
  • How we had little sentence’s so the audience knew what was going on
  • Nobody forgot their lines
  • Some of the transitions were a bit distracting for the audience
  • The musicians when it was not their turn they started to move around
  • Some people weren’t focusing enough in practice and you could tell in their performance
  • How the costumes looked when they had dried
  • How we got to paint our top’s
  • How it looked when when we played it to ourselves
By Maddie, Josie and Meg R

  • Timing.
  • The music went well with the story.
  • The music flowed with each other.
  • We all followed our cue.
  • The performance was at the 5 minute dot.
  • The speeches were said at the right time.
  • When you see the dancing for the first time you know what's going on.
  • The words the people said made the music and dance come together.
  • The dancers stuffed up sometimes.
  • Some people forgot their places.
  • People were bowing too early.
  • People were making shadow. puppets with the spotlights.
  • People forgetting their lines.
  • People laughing at the beginning
  • People playing their instruments very lightly at the beginning. Have more practice with the lines.
  • Dancing with the first thing on the keyboard.
  • A bit more practice with staying in time with each other.
  • A bit more learning about different parts.                                   
  • To slow down or add on more to make it to the 5 mins mark.

  • Sometimes the music changed.
  • The costumes sort of glowed.

By Bella, Stephanie and Charlie


-we had good transition
Between groups.
-we had a good story behind it.
-we had good
-we could work on our dance.
-we could improve on our being quiet between parts of our music festival.

-it wasn't that bad as we thought.

Cody JASPER sam.ST alastair

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