Friday, 19 August 2016

Preparing for the music festival!

There are so many things we are thinking about in creating our musical piece for the Music Festival. First we each chose the elements we wanted to include in the production. We chose dreams, outer space and emotions. From there we each brainstormed and shared our ideas about the story our music  represents.

Here is the story our performance is loosely based on....

Someone goes to sleep and dreams of going to outer space. He dreams of finding a new exciting thing in the galaxy. He feels nervous and excited. When he brings that new exciting thing to his rocket, the new thing brought him to the edge of outer space and when he went there he found a time portal and teleporter.

When he was driving towards the teleporter the new exciting thing accidently pushed the steering wheel to go to the time portal. He felt scared and terrified. The time portal let the boy choose what time he wanted to go to. He said that he wanted to go to the past when the rocket was first made. And guess what! He was the first one to go to space. Three, two one, BLAST OFF!! When he went to outer space he landed on the moon and named the new exciting thing the time GPS. When the boy woke up, his dream came true.
By Catilynn H

We have composed our own music, collaborating in small groups, to tell the story. We have also reflected on which character strengths we will need to bring to our learning - common threads have been creativity, zest and courage.

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