Friday, 9 June 2017

Talk by Dr James Renwick, climate change scientist

We were very lucky during the week to have Dr James Renwick visit us to talk to us about wind. He works at Victoria University and specialises in climate change so we were also able to ask him some questions about that.

We had a good general discussion about the wind and what causes it, with many of our students showing they are building a good base of knowledge from the experiments they have been shown and undertaken themselves, readings and our sculpture walk. James also brought some interesting slides to prompt discussions about pressure on our body, hurricanes, etc.

He finished with a simple way of showing how wind is created, moving air from high pressure to low pressure: take one balloon and blow it up (hold it tightly closed), then let it go and watch the air move - from the high pressure system inside the balloon to the low pressure system in our atmosphere!

Thanks very much to James for visiting with us, and to Debs for organising his visit.

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