Thursday, 29 June 2017

Hardcore Hills

We start the day with a "wake up the brain" activity. Today some of us did hill sprints. 

Reflections from students:

Mitchell: Today was my first time to do hill training with Nicola I was very very puffed then when we walked down to the steps I could catch my breath and sprint.

Thomas: Today we were doing lunges and we jogged and stretched. Today I was feeling really good

Alex: Hill training was pretty hard today and we had to walk down the hill and sprint up it and our body's are pretty pumped up.

Lucas: In bootcamp today we did hill climbing which is basically sprinting and climbing at the same time. We did running up the hill and walking down, I got puffed.

Hunter R: Hill training was tiring and difficult because the hill was steep.

Rim: Today we did some hill training it was very hard my heart is pumping very fast too. I was sprinting my hardest ever. The hill was a little bit steep

Why start the day with exercise? 

Education expert, Dylan William in his Classroom Experiment (2 part series) works with a group of students in the UK. He introduces simple changes to their daily routines to improve their learning. One thing that he does is to introduce morning exercise for the students so they will be more focused and motivated in class.

The Classroom Experiment: Episode 1

The Classroom Experiment: Episode 2

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