Friday, 6 July 2018

Whanau Day with Ximena and John

After a wonderful morning starting at the beach and watching the sunrise, we had a whānau group rotation. There were many activities like weaving, dance, art and making Māori musical instruments.
Here are some people making Porititi and Koauau.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Celebrations: Weaving Stars with Shona and Nic

Today we worked in whanau groups and worked with different people across the school. We worked with different teachers too at different times of the day.

Nic and Shona Activities

We brainstormed the names of the stars and what each star is kaitiaki of. We were blown away by what the students already knew about the different stars.

We sang the Matariki song: 

Nga Tamariki O Matariki

Waitī, Waitā, Waipunarangi,

Tupu-ā-nuku, Tupu-ā-rangi, Ururangi e

Koinei ngā tamariki o Matariki

(These are the children of Matariki)

Ngā whetū e pīataata i te rangi e

(The bright stars that shine in the sky)

Ngā whetū e pīataata i te rangi e

(The bright stars that shine in the sky)

We worked with buddies to weave stars. We used wool and paper plates. We knew it would be tricky so we discussed what Character Strengths we could use to overcome these challenges. Some of the ideas were judgement, perspective, kindness, bravery, perseverance and zest.

We watched the beautiful story of the Seven Stars of Matariki read by the author, Toni Rolleston-Cummins:

Matariki Celebrations

Matariki on the Beach

Today we went down to the beach at 7:00 am to celebrate Matariki. When we were at the beach we gathered round the fire and SHOUTED our maori haka and sung a song. After we listened to some people talk to us about Matariki and the maori history.

After all that we walked up the very, very steep hill to get to school. Once we were at the top of the hill at we all ate our breakfast/ kai that we had packed (mostly everybody had croissants) in Tautoru or Mahutonga. Then we all split into our whanau groups and had a brilliant day.

By Nell

Matariki Celebrations

This morning we went to the beach at 7:00 in the morning. We sang songs by a bonfire and did the haka. We were celebrating Matariki!

After that, John did a quick speech about Matariki, then we all had a walk up and down the beach to remember our ancestors that had passed away.

When we got to school, we went into our classrooms and shared breakfast with each other. Later…The bell rang. Anna said that we all had to go into Tautoru and listen to some speeches. John introduced some people that had come to talk about our ancestors like Kupe and talk about other things like the seven stars.

Dean & Xavier are some experts and knew a lot about Miramar. They told us about Kupe and how he followed the giant octopus whēke. They also talked about kupe climbing some rocks but damaged his penis. Everyone laughed. They told us about what their job is. Their job is to look at different places in New Zealand, which we imagine is pretty cool. They talked about different areas around here. We liked the idea of doing this as a job.

It was the best beach celebration that we had ever had. 

By Evan and Angus

Friday, 29 June 2018

EBIS visit for Year 6 students

 On Friday we visited EBIS. We were welcomed with a powhiri then had some former students from Worser Bay School - Betty, Isaac and Jasper, talk to us about EBIS and what they like about it.We also were able to join in and experience some of the speciality areas they have - technology, food, art and science. It was a great day and full of fun.

EBIS reflection Today I went to EBIS and it was really fun. first we got welcomed by powhiri (which was really nice and welcoming). Then we got put in groups and got a feeling of being in home rooms so that was fun in home rooms we did a koohat which is a kiwi kids quiz.  Then we went to morning tea and got to see Hayley and all my older friends. And then we did SPEC and I did design tech and we meet Mr Far he was really funny and nice and he was also really good at magic. I went to foods which was really really really fun I love food tech.  After lunch we had a chose of dance, Ako, sport, music and singing I choose sport and we played volley ball and it was soooooooooooooo fun. After that we made groups of three my was Me Daisy and Orla and we made a poppy it was a competition who’s is the best structure and height. And then sadly it was time to say goodbye😭 I had a really really fun time at EBIS thanks EBIS for welcoming us to your school.
By Milla

Thursday, 28 June 2018

PE: hockey skills

 We have been learning some hockey skills during PE time. Some of us play hockey, and for others it has been the first time using a hockey stick.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Getting hooked into music!

On Friday, we did a music rotation. We had lots of different music activities. One of them was following music with our finger.  We did it by swaying our finger in the direction of the music. Many pointed there finger upward on high notes and downward on low notes. Sometimes it went too quickly for us (e.g we couldn't follow it because it went to fast), so we began wobbling our finger or making circles. After playing each different piece of music we talked about what we did for certain parts of it. Lots of different stuff happened and hardly anyone's was the same. One particular person  kept standing up and sitting down during the music. Tt was quite creative and clever and lots of the music was tricky (such as samba) mainly because of its speed still everyone had fun.

By Nye

We listened to these two pieces, a samba and one classical piece.


This week in Maths we have been learning about arrays. We have learnt we need columns and rows in arrays but it can be as long as you want. Today the House plants and Tongs did a challenge where we had to find arrays that would equal magic numbers. We had to find arrays that when multiplied equalled the magic numbers. The magic numbers were 24, 36, 110, 88, 32 and 8.

Here are our arrays!

By Greta and Rhosyn


Monday, 25 June 2018

Salsa Dancing

On Friday we worked with different teachers to learn about the structure of music. We learnt how each bar has 4 counts. In one of our rotations, we listened to salsa music and made up dance moves. We are beginning to prepare for our music fest in Term 3!