Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What do we know about Patterns?

Welcome to week 5 in Matariki!
At Worser Bay School we have begun an exciting new inquiry into patterns. We have been busy identifying patterns, and working out what is a pattern and what isn't. Last week Mahutonga and Matariki drew patterns in the sand at Worser Bay Beach. The beach was fizzing and humming as everyone collaborated, negotiated and discussed the patterns they were making.
Matariki kids!
Wallwisher is an an online notice board that you can add stickies to. Follow the link and double click to make your sticky.  Click on the link here to take you  to a wallwisher to share our ideas about patterns. Patterns Wallwisher
Please remember to add your name. Your sticky won't appear straight away as Danny and Caroline want to read them first. We look forward to reading all your ideas about patterns!
Caroline and Danny

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