Thursday, 10 May 2012

kirsties short story


Where is Lozo? I have looked all around the house and outside. This is not like him, usually he’s curled up on my bed and being as lazy as possible. I peer out my window nervously, hoping to catch a glimpse of him but he’s nowhere to be seen. I am getting worried now.

I need to get to school; he’s going to make me late. If he’s not home in 15 minutes I will be in big trouble. I lie on my bed and hope for a miracle. The hands on the clock tick around slowly.  

Reowww hisssssssss!
I know he’s back. I bolt straight to the door. A rush of relief floods through me. Lozo pads noisily through the cat flap. He looks petrified. His fur sticking straight up, as if he had been electrocuted. Eyes wide and innocent, half of his body soaking wet.

He shakes his fur, splattering water everywhere. Little muddy foot prints mark the white tiles.
“Have you been into the neighbour’s fish pond?” I ask him kindly. He looks at me as if I am stupid. I sigh. The neighbour storms up to our front door.
UH OH! I answer the door.

A flurry of paws scrabbling the water right above me. I swish my golden fins, quickly darting behind a mossy weed. SPLOSH! A grey mass of fur hits the water, splashing wildly to the edge of the pond. ANIMALS INVADING!!
Sharp claws searching the water eagerly. Frantic bubbles emerge from the depths below me, where the turtles dawdle.

 My neighbour is fuming, an argument settles in.
“It’s not his fault” I shout
“Yes it is, he scared my fish!”
“Well that’s what cats do”
“No its-“
Mum storms in, interrupting the argument, “What’s the matter?” she demands
“He’s blaming me for Lozo going in the fish pond!”
“WHAT?” my neighbour splutters.
“Everybody calm down!” Mum shouts.
“Hey people” my sister says, casually walking into the room
“I think you’d better go now” Mum said to the neighbour.

I purr lazily, stretching out on the couch to make myself as long as possible. These days no-one appreciates my fine work. I deserve better than this despicable mess. I glare at everybody who passes me. What’s wrong with my people?

Sadly I am grounded for arguing with my neighbour. Mum just doesn’t understand. For once Lozo looks sympathetic. I stroke him, he’s purring playfully. Waiting for me to play chase with him, a pleading look in his eyes.

By Kirstie


  1. cool story bro! From Martha and Emma

  2. awsome story kirstie

    by miss mermaid

  3. Great story kirstie. hope you win the puffin short story competition!
    From Sadie and Linnea

  4. great story kirsty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from miss mermaids friend

  5. Cool story kirstie I hope you get a good place in the puffin short story competition!