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Unleash your inner author - what good writers do!

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We have been writing about what good writers do. Here are some of our thoughts. You'll see we have some great ideas about what makes our writing good, and what we appreciate in good writing.

What is Good Writing?
By Liam S and Theo M

We all Enjoy lots of books but what is it that makes the writing so good?
Firstly, Good Writing needs Punctuation. If Writing doesn't have punctuation then nothing will make sense.You even couldn't read without punctuation! That Would not be a good piece of writing.
Secondly, Good Writing needs Description.Description is like that you describe something in many different ways. Description should paint a picture in someones head of what the thing that your describing looks like.
Thirdly, Good writing needs Characters/A Character Description.If you don't have Characters in your piece of writing then itś most likely that the story is going to be boring for the reader. You should also describe your characters so then the reader will be able to paint a picture in there head of what they look like.
Also, Good Writing needs to set the scene.It should have good detail of the scene otherwise the reader will probably just think the background would be a bit dull.
Sometimes Good writing should have interesting words and verbs.If it doesn't it will sound a bit boring. If they do have interesting words it will sound more proper and mature ; it should also hook the reader in.
It also should have Paragraphs.That should make it easier to read
Now next time you write you should use all these things so your writing is Perfecto!!! :)

Good Writing

Good writing is like a magnet, it attracts keen readers like me and you and in this short post we will be telling you the key concepts of good writing. We think that good writing has to has describe about the place and the people around the characters. The book has to make you feel like you're there with the characters In the book. The characters need definite personalities, some can be evil some can be good and others can be both. It needs to have detail so you can get to know the story and characters.

Next good writing needs description to pull the readers in and to keep them reading. Writing is easy, all you need to do is cross out the wrong words- Mark T Wain

We think good writing is in everyone and we hope we unleash your inner author.
By Henry and Ollie

Good Writing

Have you ever wondered how much work an author has to go through to make your favourite book so good that you feel like saying “ but Mum! If you just let me say up till ten, reading this book then I won’t whine!”. Read this and find out! Firstly, you need to set the set the scene. If you don’t set the scene you don’t have a good book. If you are reading a book and they don’t set the scene then you don’t know where you are. Next, you need good description. If you don’t describe the character you can’t get a sense of the characters personality or surroundings. Also, you need good punctuation. If you had no punctuation the story you are reading would not make sense. Imagine the story with jumbled letters and words. Furthermore you need good characters. What if all the characters were the same? Imagine how boring that would be. And maybe add some tragedy or a bit of mystery in your book. It also helps to try and hook the reader into your story, like in some of your favourite books.
Now that you have read this we hope that the next time you write a story you have a bit of a clue what to do.
By Nell, Joni and Emelia

Blog post: Good Writing

We think it is important to have good writing. Everybody has a book they like but what makes those books so good? Well we hope you find out after you read this.

Comedy (optional)
Some people enjoy a little bit of comedy in their books this is an optional aspect of writing. We think that this it is good because it cheers people up and can give them a little motivation.

Paragraphs always make your writing look neat and make it easier to read and understand.

Editing is a key aspect of writing. Editing is when you reread your work and go over and check if you made any mistakes. When you edit you see what you have done wrong and how to fix it.

Most good authors say 90% of writing is editing and the other ten is their original piece.


Description is when you add words that make it sound more exciting. For example similes are a part of description. It is when you say something like I am as fast as a cheetah or something like that.

Description is sort of like a fancy word for describing something.


Characters are people or animals or anything that play a part in the story. Most characters have aspects like happiness or evilness or a kind of mood like that.

Start middle and end
A start a middle and a end are things you should probably put in your story it will help your reader understand where there at and how long left.

A problem and a solution

A problem and a solution is when something goes wrong and one of the characters saves the day.
Those were some tips for writing we hope you enjoyed it and learnt something. 
By Theo and Ben

Blog Post - Good Writing

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to having a good book we hope you find some inspiration?
Well these are the things you need. 

Punctuation is full stops, commas, speech marks, exclamation marks, question marks.

ARRR helps you add, remove, replace and sometimes you need to reread your writing so it makes sense.

You need Good handwriting so it’s easy to read otherwise it’s all messy and can’t read it so that’s very important.

Describing words help improve your work, change words if they're pretty ordinary and not really very interesting.

You need a piece that would paint a picture in their head and they’ll keep on reading but if it does not have one of them then it will be boring and not good and they’ll probably put it down and stop reading.

I hope you liked our piece and that it gives you inspiration for other pieces of writing and it'll be really interesting book or story and hope you have a good day or in your comedy write.
By Eden & Jessie

Good Writing

What is it that makes writing good? If you were writing a story your story would need interest, fun and a hook at the start. You want the person reading your story to have an awesome picture in there mind. You need to describe the people in your story as good as possible.To edit you would us ARR (Add, Remove, Replace).

What is a good poem?

In your poem you could use alliteration or metaphors.

Good poem

Remember that time
When the rainbow stretched
Across the sky and the sun
Smiled so brightly
That was spring

Not so good poem
Remember that time when the Rainbow stretched 
across the
Sky and the sun smiled so Brightly that was spring
We hope you now know what good writing is!!

Good writing what is good writing ? 
Let me explain...
It can be a humour in a story, it makes the reader interested and make them read on.
In the story adventures so the story gets interesting. describing the characters because so the story can make sense and paint a picture in the reader's head. Editing is another very important thing. Editing is 90 percent of writing because you need it so the reader can read the words. Punctuation is important because if you don't have it the readers won't be able  to know when to have a breath. Also speech marks are very big because it tells you when someone is talking to you. Now,  well I hope you have enjoyed and got your answer to what's good writing.
by Hadley

GOOD WRITING What is good writing is it meant to be good?
Good writing is punctuation. It needs to make sense and remember to use spaces. It also needs a little bit of humour too.You always need to have a good laugh!

By Cameron

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