Thursday, 12 April 2018

What is Problem Solving?

Problem Solving is

  • a word for people to describe learning with each other or thinking hard and persevering - Caspian
  • like a video game. You have to find a strategy and if it doesn't work you need to find a different strategy. If that works you get to the next level - Jessie
  • different ways of solving problems, writing, maths, children fighting - anything really! - Ruby
  • You need independence and collaboration - Emelia
  • when you need to find out how to find out the question - Otto
  • having the ability to take on other peoples ideas as well as their own - Nell
  • receiving feedback to help us with our next steps - Isabel
  • in lots of situations. Maths and designs just to name a few - Henry
  • creating everybody's ideas into one idea - Jude
  • building on ideas and listening to feedback - Evan
  • when you have been given a problem that you need to solve - Molly S
  • being a THINKER! - Zoe
  • the core of Maths - Hunter J and Oscar
  • figuring out answers in different ways using teamwork! - Max
  • taking leadership - Pippa, Charlotte and Katherine
  • working together to solve life's problems - Raffy, Molly, Lily S
  • a time when bring your brain out of it's sockets and put it on the page!! Chris 
  • working together and getting as many ideas down on the paper - Rhosyn 
  • strategising - Naomi
  • not telling each other the answer but rather SHOW - SHOW NOT TELL - Ben B

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