Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Sharing Our Poetry Writing With Brindas School

Our friends from Brindas School in France wished us a Happy New Year and made us a cool movie. You can watch their movie on their blog: http://cm1.galligani.eu/2019/01/28/good-new-school-year/

We thought that we would like to reply by sharing some poetry that we have written. 

Last night I saw the beach breathing. The waves splashing up and down the beach. The sand getting ripped up by the wind. The wood moving up and down on the swell. Last night I saw the beach laughing. The sea trickled away as it was tickled by the sand. The fish giggle as they play hide and seek. The shells laugh as the sea washes over them. Last night I saw the beach dancing. The sand was dancing up and down in the wind. The birds dive and hover looking for food. The sea puts on shows with its white-tips.
By Solly

By Leo 

I listen to the kid laughing and talking to each other. The waves crashing down onto rocks like an anvil, The sand is as soft as a pillow. I take a step into the water and instantly I feel like I have stepped onto a block of ice strait out of the freezer. I go deep down into the sparkling, clear blue water, as I dived down I saw the things that will be unforgettable when my journey comes to an end. The fish are like bursts of colour underwater but I only got a glimpse because it’s like I’m a shark trying to eat them. As I am swimming the seaweed clings onto me like I’m a monster, The fish pass by and they look horrified! Then my journey comes to an end, my head pops up out of the water and at that very moment I can taste the salt water and smell the fresh air.
By Eva

Wellington wind
Windy wellington
Tree swaying in the wind
Jerseys blowing in trees
Hats swaying in the wind
Cat strolling around
Dogs jumping in the wind
People rushing to work
Dark clouds moan  
People waiting through the water
The sun rises as leaves run across the pavement
As kids rush to school
Windy Wellington
By Izar and Reuben

Being Connected is one of our learner attributes. 


  1. Hello Everybody at Matariki Māhutonga !

    Thank you for your message on our class blog. We went to your class blog to watch your video. It’s great to send us your poems. We would like to read the texts because we are not enough good in English to understand them by listening to them. We could also translate them and read them to you. It could be fun for you to hear your poems in French.
    We learned Ka Mate Haka and we are currently working on a Maori song. We have just produced a video to teach you a French dance : “la bourrée glissée”. If all goes well, this tutorial will go online tomorrow.

    Soon the pleasure to be in touch with you, dear friends.

    The Students of the CM2 from Brindas Primary School, France

    1. Hi CM2,

      Thank you for reading our blog. We have added more of our poems as written text. We would love it for you to translate into French. We would love to see the haka. We are looking forward to your tutorial.


      Matariki Māhutonga

  2. Hi, friends !

    Since this morning (it's evening at your home), our tutorial "La bourrée glissée" is online on our class blog : http://cm1.galligani.eu/.
    Enjoy learning our French folk dance, try to dance it and film yourself if you can or if you want. We'll be happy to watch you on your class blog.

    Vive notre amitié par delà les frontières !
    Les élèves du CM2 de l'école primaire de Brindas, France

  3. I really like the poems! they're really beautiful!