Wednesday, 27 February 2019

A Community of Inquiry: Why would you/ would not leave a war torn country?

We watched the music video to the Missy Higgins song "Oh Canada." The art from the clip is drawn by children affected by the crisis in the Middle East narrating the story of the Kurdi family, who left Syria heading for Canada.

The clip is sad and stirred some emotions. We had an in depth discussion about refugees and why people might be forced to leave their home country. Our students generated some great questions to begin with. 

As our Inquiry progresses we will be thinking about how we could welcome new people to our community.

Our students discussing the messages from the clip.

We have created rights and responsibilities for respectful discussion:

The process of discussion is both collaborative and critical, requiring each participant to be willing to:
  • offer their own ideas for evaluation
  • build on the ideas of others
  • bring ideas into the inquiry that no other participant has voiced, but which need consideration
  • offer critical evaluations of others' ideas
  • accept critical evaluations of their own ideas
  • at times subsume their own concerns to the process of the group
  • explicitly utilise a range of thinking strategies to refine and advance the inquiry.

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  1. very sad video but teaches you what some people go through it is still very sad