Thursday, 7 March 2019

Camp Kaitoke

Camp was a huge success. Our students had an awesome time and challenged themselves in lots of different ways. Camp provided opportunities for students to grow personally, increase their self-confidence, develop a sense of adventure, and enhance their responsibility for their own and others' safety.

Thank you Nye for making this trailer about camp. 

Nikora: The most challenging thing about camp was waking up in the morning and getting out of bed without making a noise. The reason it was so hard was that the bed would creek every time I moved a muscle and my sleeping bag was like a plastic bag in a storm. 
It was 5.30 am I needed to go toilet I reached out for the ladder and fell down it. Then at 10 pm I lost my fun I went to sleep the day is done.

Archie: Camp was really fun because we had to make a hut for all of our friends. We had to use what we found in the bush and we found a rope tied to a big tree what was cut down. We only stayed for one day but the year five and six stayed for two nights and three days. Camp, l love camp. It is just the best.

Nell: “Ok...” began Heather. “Emelia and Nell.” My heart jumped into my mouth. I had to do it so we made our way up to the queue that consisted of 2 people. After 3 minutes of a battle between fear and excitement it was my turn. As I made my way up to the swing passing Emelia who whispered how fun it was. I climbed up the metal ladder and Heather clicked me into the swing with a carabiner and attached me to the rope which would be pulling me higher. As soon as she took the ladder away I knew I couldn’t do it. “I don’t want to do it.” I announced. “What if I just swing you by the legs?” She asked. After giving it some thought I agreed and at first she started small and then ended up giving my rather big pushes. “I want to do it.” I said and so they started pulling me. Higher higher and higher. “Stop” I squeaked a bit over half way. I glanced at the ground about 5 metres bellow me. I tugged at the pin that connected me with the pulling rope and it moved about 2 inches and my trembling hands pulled at the pin again and I swung backwards leaving my stomach behind. After about 1 minute I slowed to a stop and I smiled as I swapped with the person who was behind me in the queue. I had done it.

Ella: The most scariest thing at camp was tree tops it was a bit challenging for me but I did it any way. It was scary at first and when I kept on going I lost some of my fear, which was kind of good!
When the bus was driving us to camp, I was really looking forward to cabins, kayaking, dinner, lunch, morning tea, and sleeping! I really enjoyed all of the things that I did. I had to use lots of bravery in some things. And some other things were easy. The high swing was scary! We were sleeping in bunk beds💤💤!!! CAMP WAS AWSOME!!!

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