Thursday, 21 March 2019

Futsal Tournament

On Tuesday we competed in the Eastern Zone Futsal Tournament.  What an amazing day!

This is a photo of the whole group, three teams.

Our competitive team qualified top of their pool and made it into the final against Miramar North.  It was an incredibly exciting game with chances being made at both ends.  The skill level of both teams was quite breath taking!  Miramar North scored the first goal, a great cross took a pretty lucky deflection of the knees of one of their players and found the back of the net.  We fought back hard. Theo had a few shots denied by great keeping. Towards the end of the game Miramar North scored again.  It became apparent then that it was probably too high a mountain to climb. 

Our kids were disappointed, to have come so far and then drop the final game was hard but they coped well with it, shook the other teams hand and gave them a good cheer.  Great sports!   

Highlights of the day include:

  • All kids playing with great gusto and enthusiasm
  • Encouraging each other and the other team
  • Congratulating the other team after wins or losses
  • Winning and losing with good grace
  • All team having some wins, draws and losses

Spectating was  'really HARD work' too!

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