Monday, 18 March 2019

"Ka tahi ti"

This term in Kapa Haka we have been learning the chant "Ka tahi ti." 

When Matua Henare explained the meaning to us last week we were immediately able to connect to what we know already about our special native bird population. The chant first refers to one cheeky Pīwakawaka, or Fantail, joining another in harmony. Matua Henare also mentioned that depending on where you are from, a pīwakawaka following you through the forest could be a good omen or a... not so good one...

Here are the words and translation of the chant:

This chant also has connections to the stars, speaking about the careful watch of the stars and the sea. As we already know, our school's site was the perfect perch from which to observe and gain crucial information for planting crops and travelling by sea. We will be thinking more about these connections as the year goes on. Watch this space!

One thing is for certain, Ka tahi ti is an ear-worm of the highest order.

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