Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Stay Safe! Stay in Control!

Information posted by "Family Zone"

Messages for students:
There are some great people on the internet posting some amazing stuff, but sometimes there are nasty people who post things that try and scare and upset us. We’re all lucky in that we are in control of what we look at and what we don’t. So if you ever see something that seems strange, upsets you or asks you to do something you think is not ok, turn it off and talk to a trusted adult about it.

Our ICT Student Council group made a movie to inform others what to do if you see something that is not ok online. 

Students in the ICT Student Council group will be helping students in Tautoru and Autahi to learn how to use technology. Digital Citizenship will continue to run through everything that we do. 

We helped Tautoru students to get started with their Google Apps accounts. 

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