Thursday, 21 March 2019

Presenting Our Work on 3rd Places at the Victoria University Symposium.

You have seen all the kids hanging out on the swings near school, using the books at the lending library at our bus stop and you have probably seen people playing chess on the park bench at the lookout above Worser Bay.  These innovations are all a result of the work we did last year with Elinor Thomas to create more places where people might connect with each others in the community.  We are aiming to increase community connections and resilience by creating places where people might meet incidentally.

The presenters; Pippa, Adam, Talia, Greta and Mitchell did an excellent job (according to Elinor) explaining the work.  They fielded questions and and explained their thinking confidently.  The same kids then presented at assembly last week.  Good job team!

We are continuing to explore ideas around how we see our community, where our special places are and are staring to think about how we can share these special places with other people in the wider Wellington community.

The presentation.

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