Friday, 26 July 2019

Swim Sports 2019

Today we held competitive and non-competitive swimming races at Kilbirnie pool.

Archie: At swimming I tried my best even though I wasn’t great at swimming, I tried and never gave up.

Talia: My week went really well. My powerful goal went good. I didn't give up when things got too hard and I tried my best especially at swimming.

Zac: the highlight of the week is the swimming race. Even though I came third in all of my races I still had fun.

Eva: I had a growth mindset around swimming today.

Lily: We did swimming sports. I did the fun, non-competitive activities and I had a great time.

Hunter R: I did as many races as I could. I showed good perseverance!

Nela: It was so much fun. I kept on going. I am powerful!

Beatrix: I had a great time. I came third in two of the races.

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