Thursday, 25 July 2019

Thinking about Space.........

Thinking about space has been really 'mind blowing'.  This is an actual photo of a black hole which we all found totally amazing.  How was this photo taken? Perhaps more amazing even than that is who discovered that black holes exist?  We have been wondering and imagining, channelling Newton and Einstein and asking some great explorative questions.

This is an actual photo of a black hole. 

 We talked about what the learning was doing for the students.  Nikora felt it was creative.
"We are thinking about the possibilities.  Maybe aliens are real? We don't know what else is out there".
"It's making my brain stretch", said Pippa.
Nela said that it has made her brain hurt!

We finished today's session asking some questions.  Here are some of them:
  • What is a black hole
  • How does a black hole form?
  • What is a black hole made of?
  • What is inside a black hole?
  • How is light bent in a black hole
  • Where can black holes be found?
  • Do they affect the space around them?
  • How many black holes are forming around our galaxy

Wow guys!  I think my brain is beginning to explode too (like a supernova?).
We will use these questions to guide our next Inquiry, using our Inquiry Flow Planner and will be getting into the deep, dark spaces of learning about this next week.  

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