Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jungle Boogie!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Patterns of Me!

The Magic Box
By Matariki

I will put in my box,

A giraffe doing gymnastics,
A light bulb twisting itself,
A crazy cat carrying a coconut, balancing on a wall.

I will put in the box,

A dancing picture,
The year of the zebra and a green sky,
A monkey playing a ukulele.

I will put in my box,

Pink and purple perfect ponies,
Dogs skateboarding in the bathroom sink,
A snowman surfing on the sea.

I will put in the box,

The ruby red coral from the silky red sun,
A fairy blowing fire,
A dragon with a magic wand.

My box is fashioned from diamonds, gold and silver,
With emeralds on the lid and stripes in the corners,
It’s hinges are made from the toe joints of koalas.

I shall fly on a griffin in my box,
Then land in a bear’s home,
The pure smell of nature.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Thousand Faces on PhotoPeach

On the horses
Six feet off the ground
Not looking down

The leader let go
She didn't know
Uh oh....

The horse galloped
She panicked, she squealed
Like a screeching wheel.

By: Ella Wilson


Sun sitting in the sky
Reflected into my eyes.
The kayak started to wobble and
the cold water started to shiver
like going down a river.

My hands were sticking to my paddle
My kayak started to tip!


I felt the water spreading
Threw my life jacket
"hhhhh ha hhhhhhh'
"I'm too cold Jay,
can we go?"

By: Leony


The earth rocks shakes
And roars
Buildings collapse
and fall
The people have fled and
now they are all gone
 and the city is left to

By: Brynn


Archery fun
Arrows flying
Points being scored
People getting bored..
Strings being drawn

Jen coming down the hall,
Suddenly the end has come.

Leo W.


At the top of the driveway,
I start to walk down the road,
I am now going faster,
I'm racing down the hill.

At the bottom of the hil,
Tired, exhausted, drowsy,
I am still sprinting , so fast!
I slow to a jog, I stop.

I see school looming above,
I hear people screaming loud,
 I hear my own breath, panting
I walk across the crossing.

By Sebby

Sometimes you feel like running
Around the world.

It's like you want to go,
Swimming in the rain
You feel you must go biking
With a frog.

CraZY MAN, You're Crazy

And then you stop
Being crazy
It's  when you watch
The rain dripping, vanishing

The end
By: Tiana Paul

Brushing my Teeth

Pick it up! The toothpastes what else.
Then the toothbrush and then squeeze
The dab of toothpaste onto the brush.

Cheche, Cheche, Cheche, cheche.

Put the toothbrush under the flowing water.
Slash onto the bristles into my mouth.
Up down, back forth, che, go the bristles.

Cheche, cheche,Cheche, cheche.

 Cheche, cheche,Cheche, cheche.
Then I spit all the foamy toothpaste out.
Round it goes down the sink, bubbles,


By Zach


Plap plap plap feet slap
Slapping on the ground
The skipping rope whipping
Whipping through the air
Slowly getting faster getting super scared
PLAP plap plap plap plap plap
Can't take it any more!!

 Can't stop too much fun
Rope spinning like a spiral
I'm so freaked out
Can't stop!!!!
Have to go on

I'm jumping up and down up and down
The world is like a blur ball
Kids nodding watching
My hair slapping across my face
Everybody's feeling crazy! CRAZY
Everybody's feeling crazy! CRAZY


Cold, cold whipping wind
Blowing through my hair
Blinding me.

Lift myself on the long bridge
Blowing like bumble beewings
Back and forth shivering in my cold harness.

Slowly slipping wait!
Yanking tightly on the rope of doom!

By: Tasia

I remember...

Razz's honey colour coat
And it's velvety touch

The grass shivers in fright of his slobbery mouth.

By: Cori

Mahutonga Poems!

We've been learning to use Poetic Devices to paint vivid pictures in our poems and make our poems sound good. We know how to make a poem work. We also been keen poets as we explored the writing process of editing. We are excited to share our poems to you!

 Tied to a chair
 Burning itch in my nose

 Don't know what to do
 I can't bare this ITCH ANY LONGER

I leaned forward
  Broke my chains
 Grabbed my nose

My nose
By: Ella Norrington

 I sat in my green kayak
 I watched the band of kayaks.
 I feel like a bottle cap,
Sitting in a lonely sea.

 Suddenly... BANG!
 I crashed into the side of the creek.
 "Please help! My kayak's stuck" I said.
 And then I heard a tapping sound
I turned around
 And Brenna's kayak pound

 I paddled in my green kayak
 Paddle, paddle, paddle
Oh no, here we go again.
By: Ellie Calder

 I remember
 Summery sand slipping through my toes.
 Waves pushing me down
 pushing pushing
 pushing me down.

Waves washing wildly into the wandering wind
 Blowing sand
Blowing wind

 I remember...
Shining sun on my skin burning
 melting my ice cream

By: Grace Harvey

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Obstinate Object: Contemporary New Zealand Sculpture on PhotoPeach
We have been learning to answer problems like 25 + * = 83 by jumping a tidy number along the number line and then jumping back.