Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mahutonga Poems!

We've been learning to use Poetic Devices to paint vivid pictures in our poems and make our poems sound good. We know how to make a poem work. We also been keen poets as we explored the writing process of editing. We are excited to share our poems to you!

 Tied to a chair
 Burning itch in my nose

 Don't know what to do
 I can't bare this ITCH ANY LONGER

I leaned forward
  Broke my chains
 Grabbed my nose

My nose
By: Ella Norrington

 I sat in my green kayak
 I watched the band of kayaks.
 I feel like a bottle cap,
Sitting in a lonely sea.

 Suddenly... BANG!
 I crashed into the side of the creek.
 "Please help! My kayak's stuck" I said.
 And then I heard a tapping sound
I turned around
 And Brenna's kayak pound

 I paddled in my green kayak
 Paddle, paddle, paddle
Oh no, here we go again.
By: Ellie Calder

 I remember
 Summery sand slipping through my toes.
 Waves pushing me down
 pushing pushing
 pushing me down.

Waves washing wildly into the wandering wind
 Blowing sand
Blowing wind

 I remember...
Shining sun on my skin burning
 melting my ice cream

By: Grace Harvey

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  1. I love the techniques you have all been using to write such wonderful poems, you have obviously worked very hard on these - fantastic!