Wednesday, 4 April 2012


On the horses
Six feet off the ground
Not looking down

The leader let go
She didn't know
Uh oh....

The horse galloped
She panicked, she squealed
Like a screeching wheel.

By: Ella Wilson


Sun sitting in the sky
Reflected into my eyes.
The kayak started to wobble and
the cold water started to shiver
like going down a river.

My hands were sticking to my paddle
My kayak started to tip!


I felt the water spreading
Threw my life jacket
"hhhhh ha hhhhhhh'
"I'm too cold Jay,
can we go?"

By: Leony


The earth rocks shakes
And roars
Buildings collapse
and fall
The people have fled and
now they are all gone
 and the city is left to

By: Brynn


Archery fun
Arrows flying
Points being scored
People getting bored..
Strings being drawn

Jen coming down the hall,
Suddenly the end has come.

Leo W.


At the top of the driveway,
I start to walk down the road,
I am now going faster,
I'm racing down the hill.

At the bottom of the hil,
Tired, exhausted, drowsy,
I am still sprinting , so fast!
I slow to a jog, I stop.

I see school looming above,
I hear people screaming loud,
 I hear my own breath, panting
I walk across the crossing.

By Sebby

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  1. You people are certainly loving all this focus on poetry- excellent! Jude