Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Sometimes you feel like running
Around the world.

It's like you want to go,
Swimming in the rain
You feel you must go biking
With a frog.

CraZY MAN, You're Crazy

And then you stop
Being crazy
It's  when you watch
The rain dripping, vanishing

The end
By: Tiana Paul

Brushing my Teeth

Pick it up! The toothpastes what else.
Then the toothbrush and then squeeze
The dab of toothpaste onto the brush.

Cheche, Cheche, Cheche, cheche.

Put the toothbrush under the flowing water.
Slash onto the bristles into my mouth.
Up down, back forth, che, go the bristles.

Cheche, cheche,Cheche, cheche.

 Cheche, cheche,Cheche, cheche.
Then I spit all the foamy toothpaste out.
Round it goes down the sink, bubbles,


By Zach


Plap plap plap feet slap
Slapping on the ground
The skipping rope whipping
Whipping through the air
Slowly getting faster getting super scared
PLAP plap plap plap plap plap
Can't take it any more!!

 Can't stop too much fun
Rope spinning like a spiral
I'm so freaked out
Can't stop!!!!
Have to go on

I'm jumping up and down up and down
The world is like a blur ball
Kids nodding watching
My hair slapping across my face
Everybody's feeling crazy! CRAZY
Everybody's feeling crazy! CRAZY



  1. I'm enjoying reading your writing Mahutonga! Jude

  2. Love ya work guys, especially Sadie, great energy (of course :)