Friday, 24 August 2012


In Mahutonga and Matariki we have been learning to write a debate. We read articles in the newspaper and the internet such as "Cats are killers" and wrote about a subject we were concerned about. Afterwards we learnt how to make visual language such as posters, advertisements, and how to argue a debate with other people. We had to come up with strong statements that are hard to argue about. We got into groups and discussed ideas to convince the other groups.

¨ Here are some things  we have been debating about in class:
¨ The New Zealand flag and if we should change it or not.
¨ Fracking: it should be banned
¨ Cats are killers and we should exterminate/not exterminate them.
¨ NZ native birds, animals and the pests in New Zealand,
¨ Whaling,
¨ Trees should not be wasted for paper and cut down,
¨  Water should not be wasted. 

Come into our classrooms and see our reports!!! 

 By Alexandra and MIllie.


  1. Hello my name is Connor and I think that cats shouldn't be banned!

  2. sounds fun guys i wasn't there jack r