Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Fractions of Quantities

We have been learning about fractions.  Here are some things for you to try out and practise at home...

Problem Solving

1.       In an orchard 1/5 of the trees need pruning.  There are 65 trees, how many need pruning?

2.       1/3 of people surveyed voted ‘yes’ in the referendum.  If 42 people were surveyed how many voted yes?

3.       I have eaten 1/7 of the cakes in the box, if were 21 chocolates:
a) How many have I eaten?
b) How many are left?

4.       4/5 of the tickets for a Katy Perry concert have been sold.  If there are 2000 tickets how many have been sold?

5.       In a room 2/3 of the people are male.  If there are 60 people in the room how many:
a) men
b) women are there?

6.       A shop sold 2/3 of all their newspapers one morning.  The rest they returned.
If they had 360 papers.
a) How many did they sell?
b) How many did they return?

7.       In a car park 4/7 of the cars are silver.  There are 700 cars in the car park.
How many are NOT silver?

8.       If 9/10 of cats prefer Felix of the 500 surveyed how many do NOT prefer Felix?

Now for a really tricky one!

9.       1/3 of the people in a room are under 20.  If there are 15 under 20s how many over 20s are there?

10.   4/5 of Dek computers are faulty.  If the company has to repair 8000 one year how many did they sell?

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