Thursday, 23 August 2012

Martha's Short Story

When are you travelling to Auckland?
I am travelling to Auckland on the 23rd of august  for the puffin short story competition.
how many people are finalists?
Five people including me.
How did you feel when you found out that your story was in the top five of new Zealand?

Martha wrote a story about saving a worm, it was very funny! The story had to be 500 words or under. If she wins the competition Martha  will get an iPad and 50 puffin books for the school library. Martha is in the junior category from years 4-6. OH YEAH, GO MARTHA!!! By Kirstie

I saved a worm
I saved a worm today. I am known to the worm community as ‘She Who saved The Worm’ I think.
It was one of those days when it rains and you where your gumboots, while the clouds open and close like jaws. I splashed in the puddles with my friends Kirstie and Lulu on the way home from school. “Oh my, is that a worm I see?” shrieked Lulu. She hates worms. There it was on the ground,  pink and writhing, delicate stripes lining its slimy body. Kirstie ran for her life to the top of the hill. Lulu stomped after her. “Come on!” They yelled from the top of the hill.                 “Don’t you dare try and save that ugly beast!” I heard in the distance.
But I was in the gutter, boldly letting the water run over my gumboots. Watching, not caring for anything - but the worm.
The clouds parted and an elegant streak of sunlight fell on a dark figure in the distance.             He had big tramping boots on and he was walking up slowly, clumping doggedly along the footpath.  Then it started raining. Cold hard drops that fell stonily onto the footpath.
I watched the worm transfixed, it was wriggling, helpless. Hopeless.                                                                                                                                        Sometimes I wish worms could talk, so they could let me know their feelings.                                                   
I grabbed a stick from the over-flowing gutter.
I could hear the crunching of stomping feet coming nearer and nearer….
The worm. Wriggling helplessly.
I could see the boots in my peripheral vision, and as he came nearer I glimpsed his face, pale with black dripping hair and dark rings under his eyes, wearing a bright green T-shirt saying in red capitals: I’M WITH STUPID
The worm, desperate.
Wow! I can’t believe I’m doing this, I feel like a hero!
The boots hovered centre, metres above the worm…..
Maybe it was thinking:
Oh no! Its coming down, a black rubber sole above me…size 10 made in china… from imported and local ingredients…
Oh yeah, I forgot worms are blind, It couldn’t see any boot coming down to squash it, it didn’t know it was about to die.
I lunged forwards. NOOOOO! I flick the worm away.
It’s saved!!!!
I think.

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